We support file storage via Amazon S3 & Google Cloud, cloud code, session management, push notifications, live query, New Relic monitoring and parse dashboard!

Accessible with Parse SDKs & REST API with more features on the way!

Hosting plans.

  • $10/month*
  • 512MB memory server
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    100MB storage FREE
    $20 / month / 1GB
  • $25/month*
  • 1GB memory cluster
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    100MB storage FREE
    $20 / month / 1GB
  • $50/month*
  • 2GB memory cluster
  • Unlimited Bandwidth

    100MB storage FREE
    $20 / month / 1GB

* Pricing & features subject to change. Contact us for dedicated enterprise deployments.

We use the best encryption to protect your data!

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Frequenty Asked Questions

How does this work?

After you sign up, we will email you with the information we need to deploy your Parse-Server API. If you have cloud code, we will need to review it before it gets deployed. Once your API is deployed, we will email you to let you know. Please allow up to 48hrs for a deployment.

What do I get with my plan?

Your app will have a virtual machine running Parse Server behind a load balancer. 
Our current offering provides you with a replica of Parse API. You can use any of the Parse SDKs with your new server URL. You can provide your Amazon S3 or Google Cloud credentials to store all the files your apps need. Bring your own GCM and/or APNS details to enable the push notifications API.  We also support Cloud Code.

What if I need more power?

Our infrastructure scales horizontally so new instances can be deployed at any time. It usually takes a minute or two for new instances to go live. We can add additional deployments to your app with a simple payment. Please email us at support(at) to let us know you will be adding instances to an app already deployed.**

** We are working on automating this process through a user portal.

What about my data?

After you sign up, we will email you your  MongoDB URL. You can use this URL to migrate  your data. Our MongoDB infrastructure scales horizontally and has automated backups. Your data is hosted in a private database on a shared cluster running in the same zone as your server. We manage the cluster, scale, and backups so you don't have to. We charge $20 / GB over 100MB because this is what it costs us to host and manage your data.

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